About The Road to Insignificance

Bill and Wayne have shared a passion for the American Vice Presidency since their early days sparring in VP chatrooms and competing against one another for Vice Presidential memorabilia in eBay auctions. Their paths crossed unknowingly at a number of Vice Presidential events through the years, and they would eventually meet, each laying a bouquet of Black-Eyed Susans at Spiro Agnew’s gravesite. From this meeting came the melding of two great minds, and they came together to quite literally write the book on the American Vice Presidency (“Veeps: Profiles in Insignificance”). This year is a Vice Presidential election like no other. For better or worse, Dick Cheney has redefined the office. The 47th American Vice President will be an active participant in history–not an armchair observer or a designated mourner when one of its participants dies. This blog is a chronicle of Bill and Wayne’s determination to be a part of that history.


One response to “About The Road to Insignificance

  1. dang oulette

    thats a fabu! some fun, wayne! and an awesome suprise to boot. thanks for sending this, and i’ll pass some along. one good turn deserves another.

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